The Collies

Currently In Residence

Kaylee – Tairis Gone With The Wind (Lakewinds Colettes I Of The Storm x Schaladon Tairis High Point)

Rough tri female, born 3/10/2007- spayed, Service Dog. (Migraine Alert)

Kaylee has graduated to full service dog and is still proofing for competition obedience- look for her in the ring at Glen Rose in January, 2011. Kaylee was raised by Bethany of TexSun Collies with an eye towards a performance and show career, but her head is not quite what it could be for show so she was offered to me as a performance/SD prospect. I couldn’t be any happier with this girl.

Visiting Collie Is Visiting

Pebbles – Tairis Pebble In The Sky (CH Con-Te See Less Blues x Schaladon Tairis High Point)

Rough sable merle female, born 7/10/2006 – leased from Tairis Collies and pursuing rally titles and a UKC championship.

We did it again. 😛 Pebbles is only here for a visit in fall 2010, but we adore this girl and have since she was a puppy.

Out In The World

Malcolm – Tairis Big Hero (CH Con-Te See Less Blues x Schaladon Tairis High Point)

Smooth tri male, born 7/10/2006

Mal was initially purchased as a service dog prospect after the death of my first collie, Wings, but decided that he would prefer a life of leisure in the show and performance rings.

Malcolm has retired from the show ring and gone to a pet home.

  • ‘1st’ RN Leg (lost due to a paperwork error on my part – oops) at 10 months, spring 2007
  • 7/19/2008 – 2nd RN Leg, Beaumont Kennel Club
  • 7/19/2008 – WD for 1 point, Beaumont Kennel Club

Rittie – Schaladon’s Ha Ha No Hair OFA

Smooth tri female, born April 2004.
OFA (Hips): CO-2721G54F-NOPI

Rittie came to us from Alice Inman, and is a littermate of Malcolm and Kaylee’s mom. (We love this line of dogs so much we couldn’t resist the urge to add another to our family.) Rittie was shown on a very limited basis as a puppy and has spent a few years at home maturing. When we began our search for a strong foundation bitch, we wanted a mature girl who we could be sure would have the virtues we found important. Rittie is a tough-minded, intelligent dog with lovely breed type. Unfortunately, Rittie was lost while visiting a friend- she disappeared in pursuit of something (probably a rabbit) and despite an extensive search, was never found. We miss you, sweet girl.

Forever In My Heart

Rough sable female, born Jan 2004 – euthanized September 2006 after we were unable to get her seizures under control. I miss you, my beloved girl. Wings was farm-bred and not a show-style collie in the least, but was everything I could have ever asked for in a working and performance partner. She was normal eyed and a non-carrier of CEA.


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