How cute is this?

Polymer clay pin of a tricolor smooth collie in profile by Dreameyce Studio/Emily Godlevsky

Polymer clay pin of a tricolor smooth collie by Dreameyce Studio

(Please pause for a brief commercial message!)

My friend Emmy made this pin for me when I got Malcolm as a puppy 2 years ago. It’s super-cute, and I still wear it all the time. I went to visit her in January and she had a new style featuring all three of her own dogs (Cardigan Corgis Traum and Galaxy & Catahoula mix Covey). I definitely need to get her to make me one of the whole crew before it gets any bigger!

It’s relatively difficult to find collie stuff that features a color other than sable or an expression other than “Regal gazing into the distance.” Emmy’s work captures the whimsy and expression that I adore about collies in a way that’s totally unique, and she has some great poses! Go see her work at Etsy.