Adventures in Kaylee-land

Today Kaylee got to track a suspicious looking character who was walking through alleys and checking gates while on her morning walk with my brother (they followed him for a few blocks and then called the police when they got home.) But her afternoon was even better.

About 5:30, I heard Kaylee’s “ZOMGWHEE” bark from the backyard. We’re in the middle of a cool front, and it’s really lovely and brisk outside and she’s been reluctant to come in all day, so I’ve let her hang out on the porch. I went outside to check on her, and she’d cornered a squirrel in the three pieces of firewood leaning up against the wall of the house on the patio, waiting to be brought in once it cools off enough for fires. I’m not quite sure how it ended up on the ground- it may have fallen out of the tree, Kaylee may have pulled it down, or it may have just been stupid and on the ground in the yard for no good reason and gotten cornered.

I dragged the colliemonster inside (she was NOT leaving her squirrel.) and by the time I got back, it’d scampered back up the tree. What a day….