Obedience practice with Kaylee

While I’ve been recovering from surgery, I’ve been staying with my parents. So Mom (primarily- Dad is out of town at our family ranch) and Stuart (my younger brother who just finished his MBA at DU and is job hunting (if anyone needs a new MBA minion, he’s willing to relocate.) Given that they don’t MAKE her do anything, feed her lots of cookies, and provide lots of petting (and my mom was very well trained by Indy to require very little of dogs but to provide them with every thing they could ever want at one adorable head tilt- she’s particularly susceptible to tan-pointed dogs as a result), it doesn’t really surprise me that Kaylee has started to prefer them over me, a little. She’s been off work with an ear infection for several weeks and well, I’ve been letting things slide and not making practice fun as much as I should.

We didn’t work for long- we just did a little bit of heeling, focusing on a slightly forged position and a lot of enthusiasm, and then some work on sit stays while I worked with Lizzie- it was really nice to see her having FUN working for a change. She’s not a dog who lives to work like Wings was- she works for her food and because I make it fun. (It’s one of the things I find interesting about her and Pebbles- Pebbles comes up and tries to intiate training sessions- Kaylee waits for me to initiate them, and she’s happy enough to participate for a reasonable amount of reinforcement, but Pebbles finds just the attention alone reinforcing enough to want to do more- more on this in another musing post, which will probably end up on the training blog instead of this one.)

Not a big post. 🙂 Just a ‘this is what we did today.’


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