Long time, no post….

After a crappy 2009, swearing off collies altogether, and getting sucked back in by a pointy-nosed sable fluffymonster, Cloudix Collies is planning a litter for early 2011.We are leasing Pebbles (Tairis Pebble In The Sky, sable merle rough) from Tairis Collies.  Pebbles is one of our favorite collies, with her great (if slightly evil) brain, unflappable attitude, Teflon coat texture, and beautiful front.

This will be a rough/smooth breeding, and although I’m still debating stud dogs, the primary purpose of this litter will be working ability, drive and normal eyes. Pebbles is mild CRC and although in all likelihood, we’ll be breeding to a CEA carrier, we hope to have at least a few normal-eyed puppies to choose from to stay here at Cloudix.

Kaylee is doing well and while I hope to hit a few CPE trials with her this fall and actually get her out in the rally ring, it’s probably not going to happen unless I can find an alternate handler, since I’m having surgery later this month for a back problem.


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